66 Raw, LLC (66 Raw Radio)

For 6 Years the brand has been dominating the media platforms via its radio, video and online content and in addition providing "in the field" representation with events, showcases, interviews and live broadcasts. Now physically located in the DMV (headquartered in Baltimore) and Atlanta, GA

66 Raw is a leader in the entertainment and music industry with a special interest in Hip Hop.

The original station was founded 15 years ago on the XM Satellite platform as the first nationally broadcast uncut & uncensored Hip Hop Channel. In 2009 Sirius Satellite Radio acquired XM Satellite and 66 Raw the XM native channel had to give way to Shade 45 which was the Sirius version of 66 Raw.

66 Raw's rebirth became independent and an internationally exposed media & marketing platform that broadcasts 24/7 via website, mobile app and premium partnership with TuneIn. Over 1 Million people are reached daily via their radio broadcast, 66 Raw TV and website. What sets 66 Raw apart from any other radio platform is that the station lives the lifestyle, has the passion for the music and loves the culture. It truly understands the craft as well as the business.

In a disposable environment, 66 Raw is out to create lasting relationships between artists and fan rebuilding the passion on both fronts which includes actively providing interactions and engagements that will solidify their connection.

66 Raw is more than Radio, it is an interactive media & marketing platforms that offers a wide variety of services to its fans, artists and entertainment companies where quality is the priority.