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Our mobile App is available for free download on the Apple Appstore, Google Play and Amazon. It is for iOS and Android. Some features are not available on the App that are only for the Desktop experience
If you are just getting started your best option is to got through our Indie Shine program as it will help you get some consistent rotation and feedback. If you are putting in the work we will find out about it but one note is that there is no shortcut nor will there be a free ride if that is your dream you will have to invest in it.
We are a global 24/7 broadcast platform, we have over 1 million active listeners that enjoy a variety of interests. We offer advertising, marketing, video and recording services. Several are available and self serve via our website but for the custom opportunities please contact us.
Our main platform is all things Hip Hop which is now broader than before where it includes R&B and a lot of the urban entertainment as most of it is built off it. Our audience is VERY diverse and international as they look to us for all things Hip Hop from old to new.
Absolutely! We are very involved and are host a variety of events across the country. We have Artist Bootcamps that teach aspiring entertainment professionals the ins & outs. But we host listening parties, showcases, events and concerts all across the country. You can find out about them via our Events section
Contact us with your resume and your cover letter. We also offer internships for those wanting to get into the business. But please note that even though this is the entertainment business it is one of the toughest and demanding businesses to be in. If you think it is all glitter and gold you are very mistaken. All of our staff is highly passionate and dedicated, we won't accept anything less.

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