Do you want to "Stand Out" of the crowd and provide your own custom videos, that have been created specific to your brand, image, look and feel?

Are you stuck with the same free DIY tools just like the rest of the population doing the same things therefore just becoming one of the millions? Do your videos look like they have been edited with the same free apps that make it look like everyone else and using the same 10 templates, filters and your result pretty stays the same because your audience feels like you are giving them the same ole like the other gazillion of social media users?

66 Raw's video team can provide you with your own custom videos that are tailored to you!

What does custom tailored mean?

  • We review your footage and professionally put a story line to it.
  • You will get enhancement of your image quality such as color enhancement, sharpening of images, etc where it is needed not just applying a filter to your entire clip.
  • Professional transitions and effects such as custom lower thirds, titles scene transitions just like the movies.
  • Professional audio manipulation
  • Custom size it for Instagram, Facebook and social media outlets in its required formats and lengths

I you are in our service areas, we can also shoot the video for you

Select Your Video Packages

Get your social media presence on 10 and let 66 Raw create you a social media video to highlight your talent, brand and/or product.
  • Basic
  • $150
  • 30 secs total video time for Instagram
  • Edit video footage total of 10 minutes and not to exceed 4 different clips
  • Basic enhancements
  • Image correction
  • Final render in MP4
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  • Most Popular
  • Go Getter
  • $250
  • 60 secs total video time for Instagram
  • Edit video footage total of 20 mins and not to exceed 6 different clips
  • Advanced enhancements
  • Image and audio correction
  • Custom Transitions, Lower Thirds and Titles
  • 2 rounds of edits
  • Final Render in MP4
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  • Rockstar Status
  • $500
  • 5 minutes total video time for social
  • Edit video footage total of 30 mins and not to exceed 8 different clips
  • Advanced enhancements
  • Custom Features and transitions
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • 60 secs Instagram clip
  • Final Render in MP4 and/or requested formats
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