Intro To The Music Business

Artist Development 101: The Importance of Branding and Imaging

The Entertainment Business Has Changed!

Record sales have decreased tremendously! Artists sell almost 70% LESS than they did 10 years ago!

Consumers Buy When They See Value - Less Value, Less Demand!

album sales

Source: Nielsen Soundscan

Too Much Bad Product!

Technology has made the music business too accessible for people and caused an overstaturation. The quality of talent dropped and people get bombarded with inferior products therefore no longer "respect" your music they way they used to!

bad product cd

Upgrade Your Brand Now 


The Entertainment Business Is A Professional Business!

People think that the music business is a "Get Rich Fast Scheme", "Hustle", and / or a "Flight by Night" endeavor where they can become famous or rich by not putting in any effort and money. FALSE!

There are MILLIONS of Artists trying to make it - The Billboard Charts ONLY counts to 200 and a lot of times big artists have multiple records within these charts.

Record companies are no different than Nike, Apple, or Mercedes who have specific protocols, business requirements and procedures in how they conduct their organizations in order for them to even consider you, you have to be able to bring a working business model to the table! A bank doesn't just give business loans, you have to have good credit, assets and a working business model to prove to them that you can pay the money back. 

Start Your Pro Level


Create A Quality Brand & Product - Give Your Fans Value!

66 Raw has been an established entertainment brand for over 15 years with it first launch on the XM Satellite Platform. 66 Raw has been intregal and vital to many of today's artists career from breaking them into the mainstream or discovering them and guiding them to success via our broad entertainment network.

We have worked with hundreds of artists, all the major record labels, countless of indie labels and production companies. We have seen more than thousands try and fail because they lacked to understand what a quality product and brand is.

Every single major company and brand invest millions of dollars not just in their product but in their packaging, marketing materials, advertising and promotions. Buying an Apple product comes in a glamourous box and bag to follow as do all the other major brands and products. They all invest heavily in their overall look, you will never see these companies skimp on the design of a flyer, bag, promo material because they understand the value of their product and brand! People buy these products religiously! You MUST think the same way or you are just wasting your time!



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