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We are much more than Radio, we break artists nationally & internationally not just by playing their music but also providing the necessary services required to succeed in the entertainment business

66 Raw Artist & Development Services


Take Your Music Career To The Next Level And Do It The Right Way!

66 Raw is a market leader within the entertainment & music industry
Fact is, there are countless amounts of artists, producers and singers in the market trying to make it big.

Reality is, there are maybe a little bit more than 100 artist that are breaking through to pursue their career professionally which really means that maybe only 1% ever really make it but what makes or breaks an artist?

"Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn't Work Hard" - Kevin Durant

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Why Do You Do it?

Are you in it to win or are you just doing something

Think hard - If someone asks you, "Why Are You Doing It", what would your answer be?

If you say anything close to it being your dream, your calling or you are wanting to do this professionally and earn a lot of money with it -- then are you really acting like it?

Remember, this is still a business, if you plan on earning a living with it, you have to treat like a business and it requires the same investments physically, mentally and financially!

Can You Compete With The Top?

There is a lot more that goes into a music career than just talent

Are You Polished Enough for millions of fans?

Talent is ONLY 1/3 of the success equation! There has been and is a lot of talent in the world that never makes but then there are not so talented artists that become super stars. Why?

Work Ethic, Dedication, Commitment, Willing To Work Harder Than The Next and not selling yourself or your potential fans short.

What does that mean?

Are you practicing daily? Are you constantly looking for the hook up or the cheapest shit you can find for your craft like free beats, trying to do your own artwork but you are not a professional graphic designer, not creating the best sound for your music because you don't want to pay for professional studio time to record, mix and master your music for best sound quality, your promo material is cheap, T shirts are made by materials no one wants to wear, your look is average and the list goes on.

MOST do exactly that and expect to win. If this your your love, your dream.... then you should want nothing but the best, spare no cost, learn how to barter the right way because most likely you are asking for more than you can offer. There are requirements!

How Can 66 Raw Benefit You?

Graduate from Amateur to Professional but you will need the right resources to get there!

66 Raw is a reputable, respected and worldwide brand with 15 years in the entertainment industry (9 years under XM Satellite Radio + 6 years independently).

We work with all types of artists, brands and companies that are serious about their business and craft. A reason why we work with majors is because they are serious about their artists, business and execution.

So, how can you benefit from our services?

  • We provide professional development services that includes imaging, styling, branding
  • Digital services, video services, photo shoots, graphic design, web development
  • Marketing campaigns from events, listening parties for tastemakers, meet & greets...
  • Professional recording services to help you sound like the majors
  • Consultations with our network of entertainment industry professionals
  • Music services such as digital distribution, mixshow promotions...

We can help you create a buzz but ultimately, YOU have to make the commitment, there will always be someone that will out work you!

We are a BDS monitored station a service major labels and radio station use to track, find and analyze artists for airplay
All of the music we play is being reported to the Billboard Charts which determines an artists popularity.
Unlike regular radio we are available globally and 24/7. We have audience from all over the world that tune in to us to give them their music fix
Our own studios have event space where we host exclusive listening parties, private events and showcases where we invite only tastemakers
Our DJ's all play at major radio stations, nightclubs, tours, etc. nationally & internationally. They all have their own fanbase and following
66 Raw is heavily involved with many promoters and event planners. We produce many events around the country as well.
66 Raw is physically located in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland & Virgina) including Baltimore and Atlanta, GA
Our teams are experienced in all areas of the entertainment business depending on your needs we can provide you the right service to take you to the next level.
66 Raw has a completely free mobile app available on a the major platforms (iOS & Android) available at all Appstores
66 Raw produces its own exclusive content which includes celebrity interviews, showcases, behind the scene footage and more
66 Raw provides audio, video and online and offline content including a member network community (Raw Nation)
Our network spans across any possible resource you can think of from Publicity, A&R, Producers, Songwriters, Choreographers, etc. We can get the right people involved in your career

Take Your Music Career To The Next Level

66 Raw has a variety custom & standard marketing & promo packages to help you
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