Legendary Freestyle Battle; MC Wars: Bone Crusher vs. Pastor Troy Live

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When you put two legends in the room for a freestyle battle you don’t get a MC battle you get a MC War. Check out these two legendary rappers as they battle head to head.  

In one corner you have the legendary Bone Crushers best known for his song “Never Scared” and his uncanny style of rapping. 

In the other corner you have another legend Pastor Troy who is best known for his album “We Ready (I Declare War) and his hardcore style of rap. 

In what might have been the best event of Hip Hop at the A3C festival we got to witness these two MC’s go head to head. 

At first it seemed like the two weren’t going to give us any serious bars or take any real shots but once they got a little warmed up and egged on by the crowd it wasn’t long before shots were fired and this battle turned into a war. 

Back to back bars from these two artists which showcased the fact that they haven’t lost any of the talent that makes them so revered by Hip Hop fans today. 

Word must have got out about this event because celebrities such as rapper and social activist Killer Mike were in the building as well as professional boxer Adrien Broner. 

No special accommodations were available for our celebrity guests but they seemed to enjoy hanging in the crowd and just enjoying the show like everybody else. So enjoy the head to head battle of these two legends and let us know who you think won? 

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