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Meet XSO - Jaz, Mia & Paije:Touring with Monica, Music and Dick Pics on IG!!!???

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There has always been a girl group to encompass the spirit of every generation. In the 60s, there was the classic sultry Supremes. The 70s unearthed a glamorous and fashion forward bold LaBelle. The 80s ushered in the girl-next-door Hip-Hop sexy Salt-N-Pepa, while the 90s presented the B-Girl allure TLC. The 2000’s gave birth to the fearless independent Destiny's Child. And now, stepping up to claim their place amongst these legendary groups is XSO. Mia, Jaz and Paije took very different roads to Atlanta and its burgeoning music scene. However, circumstance brought all three girls to the hotbed of talent discovery. "We want to be a household name," says Paije. "We want to be relatable." As luck would have it, they meet up with the right man. Devyne Stephens is the music mogul with the Midas touch. He discovered Akon and was instrumental in developing chart-topping acts such as, Destiny’s Child, Usher, TLC and more. He executively ran KonLive and Konvict Muzik home to Lady Gaga and T-Pain. Knowing exactly when to strike, he delivers XSO and together they are working on telling familiar, relatable stories through music about love, life, and heartbreak. But more than anything else, "Our music is about having fun," exclaims Mia, echoing the sentiment of her group mates. The ladies decided on the name XSO; a promise to fans that they will always give their genuine, sincere selves. Naturally the group emits a smooth, flirty and forward vibe that makes anyone want to get to know more about them. "XSO is a special group. On site you fall in love with them," says Stephens. "They are exactly what the music industry has been missing in a girl group. I can't wait for the world to get to know them."

XSO is indeed ready to take the world by storm, but they don't shy away from comparisons of the groundbreaking girl groups that preceded them. "We accept the comparisons," explains Jaz, "but we’re going to show how we are different. We're building off the trailblazers who came before us." I see them more like the female version of Bell Biv Devoe,” says Devyne Stephens. Their infectious new single, "Why Not?" marries a catchy beat with fun lyrics, yet at the same time XSO is using the song and it’s title for a purposeful platform. Why Not stand for something? Their music reflects their individual personalities. XSO is clear that they need to show the world that they have a good time and can stand up for what they believe in. Smooth. Flirty. Forward. These are just three words to remember when these young ladies come to mind. XSO is primed for longevity as they are focused on leaving a legacy. Let's hear it for the Girls - XSO.

Why Not About “Why Not?” Stand up against domestic violence Believe in and push for Women’s empowerment Fund Planned Parenthood – Women’s healthcare is very important Go after your dreams SeX Safely Only

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