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Freeway: Battling Cassidy, Collaborating w/ Beanie Sigel for a New Project & Roc-A-Fella BET Cypher

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Baltimore artist Big Guy hosted the Free World Concert this past weekend (Sunday Aug 28th) featuring the legendary MC Philly Freeway at the Ottobar. The featured artists Freeway sat down with 66raw for an exclusive interview that you can watch above. In the interview Freeway, discussed his future career plans, his legacy, and he let us know that he's going to be in this year's BET cypher.

While reminiscing with Freeway we talked about his legendary battle with Cassidy, his memorable Hot 97 freestyle, and the chart topping music he made with Just Blaze. 

Freeway’s performance was a little late but everyone waited patiently and he didn’t disappoint because despite him having health issues he gave the crowd a high energy performance. He performed all the club favorites like "What We Do" and "Rock the Mic" and he even spit a few freestyles on popular beats from artists like Kanye West and Jay-Z.  

The purpose of the Free World Concert was to showcase some of Baltimore’s best up and coming artists alongside the living legend Freeway in order to show the people of Baltimore the local talent that's right here at home. 

For some of these artists it was their first time performing on the same stage with someone famous so it was an opportunity for them to add this to their resume as professional artists. Every performer at the event did an amazing job. Each performer seemed to build on the energy of the last. Every artists was better than the next and the crowd loved every moment of it. Every performance had the crowd rocking, shaking, and even singing along to the songs they learned right there on the spot.

Marcus Mason hosted the event but he was also one of the Baltimore artists that performed. Marcus goes by the rap name, Big Guy, a childhood nick name given to him that stuck and actually fits seeing as how he is 6 foot 6. Big Guy is a long time fan of Philly Freeway and was proud to bring one of his childhood heroes to the stage. Big Guy got a chance to put down the mic during Freeway’s performance and enjoy the event so we asked him what did he think of the performance. 

“I thought Freeway performance was dope,” said Big Guy. 

Big Guy hosts an open mic every Tuesday that’s he’s been running for about 2 years called Love and Hip Hop where he gives all artists a platform to showcase their talents. Big Guy is a big advocate for music artists in Baltimore and has a message for everyone trying to have a career in Hip Hop. 

“Chase your dreams man you know, stay a fan of it, keep the love there, and these type of opportunities will present themselves all the time,” said Big Guy. 

Freeway was actually back in Baltimore this Friday receiving treatment at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital for his chronic kidney disease. Currently, Freeway is using his platform to raise awareness for people with kidney issues in order to help educate people and to teach preventitive measures. Freeway is currently on the waiting list for a kidney now but has been doing any and everything to maintain his good health.

Musically, though Freeway is better than ever with his newest album entitled “Free Will” that's available on iTunes, Tidal, and most popular streaming outlets. 

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