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JZJ Group, Team80 and MiaFields­ Hall and Cultural Artige' KarenCivil hosted the first Break The Internet Fest celebrating the achievements of millennials; the first internet native generation. The BTI Fest is a concert where people took dope videos for their social networks and posted them online with hashtags like #breaktheinternet, #btifest, and #btifestival.

The crowd was packed and the DMV definitely showed up to support. Everyone wanted to see all the famous artists on the lineup that included: Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Jacquess, O.T. Genasis, Dreezy, Kent Jones, Backyard Band, BBOD, Reesa Renee, Will Da Rapper, D.O.D. and Clyde Guevara. The event also included WKYS’ own DJ Quicksilva who held the DJ table down at the beginning of the event.

One of the drawbacks to this event was the wait. The crowd had to sit through hours of performers before they got to see any of the headliners that they were hoping for but many were pleasantly surprised by these performances.
Reesa Renee performed and like the bundle of energy she is she killed it exposing everyone to her unique style and vibrant energy. Reesa seemed grateful and excited to perform. Reese’s energy seemed determined and she didn’t leave without giving a crowd that was unfamiliar with her music a reason to be a fan.

We got to experience the culture that DC is famous for with people like The Backyard Band and Flex Cartel. Also if this festival wasn’t already relevant enough we had the reality tv star group BBOD in the building performing and promoting themselves as serious artists. It turns out that some people on these reality shows actually do work in Hip Hop instead of just looking like it.

Many new artists such as OT Genesis who is best known for his radio hit “Cut It” gave us a performance that let us know that he’s more than just a one hit wonder and that he’s not afraid to show how much he loves his fans because at one point he came in the audience and started rapping amongst the crowd.

Although all the performances were great there one other drawback to the event that you would have had to be there to experience which was the consistent problem with the audio system. The audio went in and out when people were talking or performing. As you would imagine this was a big problem for a concert to have but despite that the show went on and at some points performers like Jacquees had to perform/stand until the audio was fixed.

These mishaps gave the artists a chance to show their professionalism because Jacques still didn't miss a beat in his choreographed performance and Yo Gotti made sure that the issue was fixed before he hit the stage. Not to mention the patience Meek Mill showed in order to make sure that he delivered a great performance for his fans.

The most anticipated artists of the evening were Yo Gotti and Meek Mill and trust me if you stayed through the whole concert you waited a long time to get to this point so everybody was excited when they finally came to the stage. The performance started with Yo Gotti performing in his classic way with a jump from hit to hit until he found the one the crowd wanted to hear but the theme of his performance was made clear by one song in particular and a monitor that plastered the words “Fuck You” as everyone started to dance to every song he performed.

Yo Gotti surprised the audience by bringing Meek Mill to the stage instead of letting the host do it. It wasn’t long into Meek’s performance before the audio system went out. Meek in his own prideful way attempted to do a performance without the audio with the help of the audience rapping every word he wished they could hear him say but it wasn’t too long before he got fed up with that and decided to wait until they got the audio system together. By this time the crowd was restless but despite people slowly leaving there was a good amount of people that stayed and for their patience they were rewarded with an energetic performance with Meek Mill and his team.

Meek Mill didn’t leave before surprising the audience again by bringing out the DMV's own YBS Skola and Shy Glizzy to the stage finishing the Break The Internet fest with a bang.

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