Altering the Perception of Baltimore while Celebrating the Culture of Hip Hop
Baltimore, Maryland: Bars on the Bay, is the inaugural hip-hop music festival hosted at Malibu Beach Bar. Join the Baltimore community for a full day celebrating the culture of Hip-hop. This festival will feature over 12 hours combining the best MC's, DJ's, Break Dancing, Battles, Live Graffiti Artists and more. Being the first one-day festival that focuses not only on the elements of hip-hop culture but the community as well, the hosts, Artists Compound & 66 Raw have woven networking and community development into the fabric of the event’s conception, for the purpose of stimulating the economy and positively impacting the image of Baltimore overall. 
Featured Performers Include:  AZ with Dj Doo Wop, King Los, TT the Artist, Yvng Swag, Dyson Alexander, Billy Lyve, Bossman, Starrz, MC Bravado, Eze Jackson, Bond St. District, Bmore Than Dance AND MANY MORE TBA!
Lets unite our city in a positive movement! Bars on the Bay: Baltimore’s Hip-Hop Festival is on Saturday, July 15, 2pm- 2am. The event is located at  Malibu Beach Bar, 8247 Eastern Ave, Baltimore MD 21224. Hard copy tickets are available through the artists and also online. Numerous activities will be provided throughout the day. Also available VIP, Swimming Pool, Hookahs, Pool, Games and more! Anyone interested in being apart of this festival please contact us for more information.
***One Day - One Event - One Community - One Love***
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Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook
by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson & KathyIandoli; Foreword by Eddie Huang

prodigy mobbdeep

Meals are perhaps the most important aspect of prison life. They keep inmates alive, both physically and emotionally, as mess halls and common areas provide a level of social interaction in an otherwise lonely situation. Albert “Prodigy” Johnson served three and a half years in prison, and during that time his focus was on his health—an almost impossible feat behind bars, where many inmates often enter the prison system healthy, but leave with diabetes and hypertension. Commissary Kitchen provides a deeper perspective of what it’s like to consume meals in prison. While recipes are provided, Prodigy and writer Kathy Iandoli also tell various anecdotes about situations in prison involving food. Meal prep in prison is very limited, so while this work appeals to anyone who has served time or is curious about prison life, it also speaks to those who prepare food with limited access to various cooking luxuries (i.e. college students in dorms being one). While the work is informational, above all it humanizes the prison experience in a way that has never been done before.

Albert “Prodigy” Johnson

Albert “Prodigy” Johnson is a Multi-Platinum recording artist and member of the legendary Hip-Hop duo Mobb Deep. In 2006, Prodigy was arrested for gun possession and served a three-year prison term. In 2011, he released his first memoir, the critically acclaimed My Infamous Life. Since then, Prodigy has continued to release both solo projects and albums through Mobb Deep, touring worldwide. When he isn’t touring, Prodigy is traveling the United States, lecturing at venues like MIT about the prison system and offering insight on changing the quality of inmates’ lives.

Kathy Iandoli

Kathy Iandoli is a critically acclaimed journalist and author. Her work has appeared in publications such as Pitchfork, VICE, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and many others. She is also a professor of Music Business at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Kiara Simone stops by 66RAW Radio to chop it up w/ DNA.  She speaks about her buffalo wing preferences, working with the Game, her New Edition Film cameo, working with Zaytoven, moving from VA to Cali and much more!

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One thing we can say is that music is definitely making a comeback and at 66 Raw we have had a plethra of new and coming artists that were not one thing short in talent and swag.

We can also say that Marissa is a giant sleeping and is about to be woken. She has a voice, she has the look, she is hot and sexy and she has personality for days! We don't like to use the word "new" because she has been working her ass off and has a fanbase, she may be new to many but at the same time she has been singing to many.

A songstress, who uses her music to tell stories of her experiences and she tells them well.

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Patchwerk Recording Studios has been the staple of the music industry for over 21 years strong especially in Urban music, instrumental during the 90's by providing a foundation for Atlanta's music industry.

It has served countless artists who are dominating the music charts internationally but also artists that are just starting out. Patchwerk has a vault of hundreds of gold and platinum plaques from the quality work the studio has provided to give these artist that super star sound.

Curtis Daniel, III who has been the mastermind behind the operation and growth sat down with Wildchild DNA & Ms. Niko and broke down a lot of knowledge about the music business and how the success of Patchwerk came about.

The Patchwerk Recording Studios is renown for their grammy nominated engineers, state-of-the-art recording facility where you can record, mix and master your music as well as get administrative label services that is required for the music business. Curtis is speaking about a lot of topics that touch from finding talent, business, and how the industry has changed.

Patchwerk Recordings Studios History:

Patchwerk Recordings was born out of Patchwerk founder and former CEO/ 13 year Atlanta Falcons Offensive Tackle Bob Whitfield's love of music.  After financing studio time to record a demo for a high school friend and aspiring rapper Ras Kass, Bob began to realize the magnitude of Ras' talents and the potential to build a business around this burgeoning genre of music.  He soon enlisted the help of college friend and entrepreneur BJ Kerr.  Operations began in 1994 with the release of Ras' now classic first single "Remain Anonymous".  The success of that single led to Patchwerk partnering with Priority Records in 1995 and the release of Ras' album Soul On Ice.

In mid 1995 Patchwerk expanded on their ambitions by opening a full service recording studio in Midtown Atlanta.  The comfortable 3000 sq foot facility instantly gained a foothold in the market by attracting top producers from Atlanta's hottest camps including Organized Noize, SoSo Def, LaFace, Hitco and Noontime.  In fact, on a Billboard Hot R&B singles chart at the time, 25 of the top 100 singles were recorded or mixed at Patchwerk Recording Studios.  The studio featured a fully automated Otari Concept One console and 48-track 2" recording capabilities; and was home to four of the most sought after engineers in the south.  Bob explains, "The studio is a tremendous asset in helping us achieve our mission of consistently discovering and developing the most refreshing and innovative producers, writers, and artists available.

It is a very lucrative investment as well.  Over the first 10 years, Patchwerk earned quite a reputation, recording over 60 gold and platinum records.  In the summer of 1999, Patchwerk built on the success by moving to its current 10,000 sq foot building that feature 2 totally isolated recording studios.  The main room is the only one of its kind as it features the only SSL J 9000 console in Georgia.  Futhermore, Studio 9000 features 3 isolated recording booths, a dedicated drum room, spacious lounge, and a kitchen.  Upscale amenities such as private lounges, gourmet cooks, and a runner service are also available ensuring that Patchwerk continues to exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients.  Studio COO Curtis Daniel states, "Our clients already love our warm, rich sound and with our unparalleled customer service we will soon reach our goal of establishing Patchwerk as the premier studio of the south".

Curtis also has long-term visions and is very excited about the future... "We are now in the growth stage of our business.  The studio has done tremendously well for us and we are expanding on that.  We have built substantial relationships with key players, built up our brand and laid a solid foundation.  We're entering new genres of music working with such artists as Young Jeezy, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sting, Annie Lennox, Ludacris, DTP, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, The Neptunes and labels such as Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Columbia and Island Def Jam.

With an impressive roster of established and emerging acts displaying exceptional depth and diversity of music in the fully equipped studios, Patchwerk Recordings is set to

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There has always been a girl group to encompass the spirit of every generation. In the 60s, there was the classic sultry Supremes. The 70s unearthed a glamorous and fashion forward bold LaBelle. The 80s ushered in the girl-next-door Hip-Hop sexy Salt-N-Pepa, while the 90s presented the B-Girl allure TLC. The 2000’s gave birth to the fearless independent Destiny's Child. And now, stepping up to claim their place amongst these legendary groups is XSO. Mia, Jaz and Paije took very different roads to Atlanta and its burgeoning music scene. However, circumstance brought all three girls to the hotbed of talent discovery. "We want to be a household name," says Paije. "We want to be relatable." As luck would have it, they meet up with the right man. Devyne Stephens is the music mogul with the Midas touch. He discovered Akon and was instrumental in developing chart-topping acts such as, Destiny’s Child, Usher, TLC and more. He executively ran KonLive and Konvict Muzik home to Lady Gaga and T-Pain. Knowing exactly when to strike, he delivers XSO and together they are working on telling familiar, relatable stories through music about love, life, and heartbreak. But more than anything else, "Our music is about having fun," exclaims Mia, echoing the sentiment of her group mates. The ladies decided on the name XSO; a promise to fans that they will always give their genuine, sincere selves. Naturally the group emits a smooth, flirty and forward vibe that makes anyone want to get to know more about them. "XSO is a special group. On site you fall in love with them," says Stephens. "They are exactly what the music industry has been missing in a girl group. I can't wait for the world to get to know them."

XSO is indeed ready to take the world by storm, but they don't shy away from comparisons of the groundbreaking girl groups that preceded them. "We accept the comparisons," explains Jaz, "but we’re going to show how we are different. We're building off the trailblazers who came before us." I see them more like the female version of Bell Biv Devoe,” says Devyne Stephens. Their infectious new single, "Why Not?" marries a catchy beat with fun lyrics, yet at the same time XSO is using the song and it’s title for a purposeful platform. Why Not stand for something? Their music reflects their individual personalities. XSO is clear that they need to show the world that they have a good time and can stand up for what they believe in. Smooth. Flirty. Forward. These are just three words to remember when these young ladies come to mind. XSO is primed for longevity as they are focused on leaving a legacy. Let's hear it for the Girls - XSO.

Why Not About “Why Not?” Stand up against domestic violence Believe in and push for Women’s empowerment Fund Planned Parenthood – Women’s healthcare is very important Go after your dreams SeX Safely Only

Twitter: @wearexso

Instagram: @wearexso

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Rapper Red Cafe sat down with Wildchild DNA at 66 Raw Studios to discuss his career, the music industry and how to sustain yourself as an independent artist.

Born in Guyana, Brooklyn rapper Red Café immigrated to New York with his family when he was young, settling in the Caribbean-populated Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

Hip-hop music suddenly became an obsession for him after he first heard the Slick Rick/Doug E. Fresh classic "The Show."

However, his real interest was turn toward the streets, where his life of crime eventually landed him in prison in 1992. Upon his release four years later, he formed a rap group named Da Franchise with neighborhood friends. The group signed with Violator Records and even appeared on several mixtapes and label compilations, but because the crew never really took off, they each went their separate ways.

Red Café stayed with Violator and also began to rack up credits as a ghostwriter, including for Diddy's verse on the Busta Rhymes Top 20 single "Pass the Courvoisier" in 2002. After he left Violator, a series of failed major-label deals and, consequently, shelved albums followed. During his stint with Capitol, to which he was signed via Mack 10's Hoo-Bangin' imprint, Red Café even recorded a number of well-received singles, including "All Night Long" (appearing on the Coach Carter soundtrack in 2005), "Yellow Bottle," and "Bling Blaow."

Despite the label ups and downs, he was able to maintain a consistent presence in New York through its mixtape circuit, collaborating with DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Envy, Craig G, and Clinton Sparks. In 2007, the Brooklyn rapper joined rising star Akon's boutique label Konvict Muzik. He first dropped the DJ Envy-hosted mixtape The Co-Op in 2007. while 2009 saw him land a role in the Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious. Mixtapes like 2010's No Witnesses and 2012's American Psycho followed, then in 2014 he released "The Pretty Gang" single which featured a guest appearance from rapper Fabolous. ~ Cyril Cordor, Rovi

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