J'Rell A name can make or break an artist in the oversaturated music industry.

An artist name is often the difference between getting a shot or being dismissed as whack off the top. In today’s music industry it’s a rear discovery to find a recording artist who truly epitomizes the word "MUSIC", but in artist/producer J'Rell that’s exactly what you will find in him. Jerell Anthony Moore, born November 18th,1986 of New Haven ,CT started his musical journey at a young age. Inheriting his musical talents from his family, J’Rell started playing the piano and drums at the age 6, and later at age 12 started playing the organ at his Grandfather’s church.

Becoming the youth musician at the age 13, J’Rell learned the discipline of musicianship . This landed J’Rell a opportunity to perform in front of a crowd of 20,000 at the Madison Square Garden for the McDonalds Gospel Fest . He started recording in the year 2000 performing his first single “ Make Love.” He quickly became recognized as a heavyweight in the art of performance doing open mics and beginnings to headline shows in the northeast region. In the Year 2004, J’Rell wrote and produced on his mother Jennifer Johnson freshmen cd "Journals Of a Worshipper " alongside world renown guitarist Jonathan Dubose Jr. Moving to Atlanta, GA to start his career he teams up with his god brother Cam to form the group Next2U under the label Reigncheck Entertainment.

The group grew a very close relationship with Hot 107.9 radio personality J-Nicks whom promoted the group under his label Proof Entertainment.,“ these guys are official showcase killers” says J-nicks. J’Rell has also Performed on Hit HipHop Television Show “106 & Park,” on B.E.T." J’Rell remninds me alot of the Dream , yes he really does" states Rosci and Terrence J of 106 & Park .J'Rell had written and vocal arranged every song recorded by the former group Next2U, songs like “ The Baddest , All Over You, Dip It Low, Enter My Room “ just to name a few which put him in a position as a leader in the duo. Also wrote songs for producers such as Justice League(She Got It 2Pistols/T-pain, Maybach Music Rick Ross , Bury Me A G Young Jeezy, Livin The Life Prime), Dj Montay (Walk it Out Dj Unk) , CoolRuck, MecoTheGreat (Buy You A Round Verse Simmonds) , Blaq Smurph (4 Letter Word Raheem Devaughn), Joel Marquee ( Socks And Slippers ).

J’Rell performed alongside Da Fam ShoNuff Records, Cash Camp Sony BMG, Dg Yola Da Great Asylum Records, Young Capone So-So Def . Which puts him on a pedestal that he can hang with the heavy weights of the game, “ I just feel the beat and let it ride. A great man told me once that my gift will make room for me and place me in front of great men. I‘m just realizing that at that moment my gift had place me in front of one and I didn‘t even know it, that man’s name is Tyler Perry lol ,” says J’Rell. In 2010 J’Rell is moving forward in his career as a solo an artist and plans to make a major impact in the industry. His newest single “Golden gloves Champion” Is expected to move through the southern eastern region very fast with an infectious hook that the industry heads call an UNDENIABLE RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Make way for da kid… He’s COMING OUT SWINGING….. DING DING DING

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The single "Made It Happen" by Runway Richy has been buzzin' heavy in and out of ATL the known music mecca of the US. The Decatur, GA native stopped by 66 Raw and gave the world more insight to who Runway Richy is and what they have to expect.

With nowhere to go but up, Decatur, GA rapper Runway Richy has crafted his rocky journey into a catalog of street tales – songs that speak to those struggling for a better way. With a support system of Atlanta music veterans, including DJ Holiday and The Commission, Richy has a solid foundation today, but this wasn’t always the case.

Richy began freestyling in school at a young age, noticeably outshining the competition. “Music has always been in my blood,” he says, “but it wasn’t until later I thought about being an artist.” In his early rap career, Richy was known as Snipe in the group Murder Mafia, which later renamed to Born With It.

Over the years, rhyming was something to do in between dealing with “real life” situations – situations that often brought trouble. “I’m the one who had one foot in the streets and one in the booth,” he remembers. “My peers from Crime Mobb to DJ holiday to B.o.B. were all becoming successful in music. So I always felt like I was going to make it by default.”

He soon learned it wasn’t as easy as it looked. “Unfortunately, these same peers never took me serious because I was always getting locked up,” he admitted.

Being in and out of jail wiped away several prime opportunities. B.o.B. was featured on the Born Wit It record “Stack Your Paper” produced by DJ Toomp. The song leaked and created a huge buzz. “At the time, Toomp was working with Kanye and wanted to meet us when he got back from NY. The next week I was locked up for 6 months.”

Eventually the group lessened from four members, to three, to two, until Snipe found himself recreating his image as a solo artist. He began recording new material as Runway Richy, but found it difficult making a comeback in music after serving time.

“I had about 8 records when my manager KD took interest,” he recalls. “We was about to release my debut mixtape in the summer of 2012. I got into the car with the wrong person and just like that, I was gone for 8 months on a probation violation.”

“After that I woke up and said, no more. I literally did nothing but music. I was so broke at times and I swear God was testing me – all of a sudden everybody had a lick for me. But I stayed focused.”

In 2013, he released his debut solo mixtape “Uh Oh” hosted by DJ Holiday. The tape featured FKi, B.o.B., Scotty ATL, Playboy Tre, Gorilla Zoe, and Trae da Truth, to name a few. The music was honest and reflective, with songs like “Letter to God” and “Ups & Downs” resonating with listeners. “My music is for the poor, but appeals to the rich and vice versa,” he says.

Following up with his sophomore tape, Richy works with Dj Scream , Dj Tokars , and Dj Tephlon for the 2015 release “ForeignAmerican,” executive produced by FKI. Leading songs included “Keep Getting It” and “How You Feeling” featuring Big Gipp, which were featured on MTV Jams. “100 Bandz” featuring Young Dro and B.o.B. received full rotation in London on Bang Radio. Other notable contributions came from Bandit Gang Marco, Zuse, Spodee and Myko Montana.

In addition to tape promotions, Richy and his team put together numerous show appearances. To date, he has performed on Beer & Tacos stages, as well as SXSW multiple times, A3C Festival, a Street Execs showcase and several more. Presently, Richy has several projects in the works such as “GreenCard,” a joint effort with Zuse; and “China Cafeteria .”

With momentum building quickly, music has Richy’s complete attention, and he appreciates the hard lessons learned. “Every feature, every look, every accolade I’ve received on this journey has been God’s work and I truly believe it.”


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Baltimore's R&B Diva Brave WIlliams sits down with Cory Banks during The DMV Alliance Seminar to speak about her healthy lifestyle, fitness training, her new single U Tried it, her up coming album. Also check out Brave touching on her being approached to do Reality TV, missing out on writing for Beyonce's Crazy In Love track and much more during the the DMV Alliance Seminar in the clip after the interview.  
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Kirkwood, Atlanta is where 550 Madoff calls his home and he has one of the hottest singles buzzing in the streets of Atlanta featuring the Trap God no other than Future called "Lights".

550 Madoff stopped by 66 Raw to chop it up with DJ Cotton and Ms. Kat giving us the scoop on his project and dropping off some exclusive and unreleased tracks one with Kevin Gates.

Make sure you get familiar with 550 Madoff, Atlanta is on fire and keeps creating future superstars and you only hear it on 66 Raw first!

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Instagram & Vine dance sensation is back again to chop it up with 66 Raw and talking to Wildchild DNA about his growing fanbase and popularity. Yvng Swag is almost a regular on our station as we have been seeing his grind and hard work evolving.

Check out his first interview at 66 Raw

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Youtube / Vine Dance sensation Yvng Swag recently signed with Nick Cannon's Ncredible Entertainment / Warner / Atlantic Records

Yvng Swag has been a regular on 66 Raw keeping up to date on his consistently growing popularity with his phenomenal dance moves and now he has music to follow that up. Yvng Swag visited us the first time over a year ago when he was 16 years old with a dream and a work ethic like no other.

Now 1+ year later this dance machine garnered the attention by some many celebrities and especially Nick Cannon who signed him to his Ncredible Entertainment under Atlantic / Warner

Yvng Swag is back at 66 Raw talking to Wildchild DNA



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DC's Kingpen Slim stops by 66RAW Radio Baltimore Studio to chop it up with DNA about his New Album Life After Doubt, inspiration for Album title, being the best rapper in the DMV, Wanting to be the best in the game, dots not being connected in the past for his home town to achieve the next level of success, the internet giving everyone the idea that they are stars, and his choice of musical production on his album.  Slim also touches on working with Pusha T & Malice of the Clipse, Jim Jones and more. 
Check out pt. 2 of the interview as Slim blesses 66 with a crazy freestyle!
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Def Jam's Lajan Slim spits a dope Freestyle! See part 1 for the full interview. 

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Producer Mr. Hanky stops through Patchwerk Studio for 66RAW Radio's ATL Broadcast to chop it up with DNA & Ms Niko. He talks about starting out as a DJ; production process and producing music for Col. Loud, Young Dolph, Travis porter, V.i.C., Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins and Luke Nasty. He goes on to speak about how he didn't expect the Treal Lee & Prince Rick single "Throwed Off (Fuck Everybody)" to become as big as it did and more! See the full video above!

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Scotty ATL stopped through 66Raw’s Atlanta radio broadcast at Patchwerk Studios to chop it up with Core DJ WildChild DNA and Ms. Niko for a candid interview to discuss his own record label Cool Club, his experiences working with Big K.R.I.T and B.O.B., and his new mixtape “Daily Bread.”

Scotty ATL started his own record label Cool Club in 2011 and from there started to release numerous Mixtapes that became popular in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Scotty ATL saw touring with Big K.R.I.T. and B.O.B as priceless learning experiences because he got to learn what it was like to be famous before actually getting there himself. This kind of gave him foresight into his own career and motivated him to take performing seriously. 

“One day I’m going be in this position; you know what I’m saying, where I’m going headline my own big tour like this and people going be showing love knowing all the songs like that,” Scotty explained. 

One of the main things that Scotty ATL seems to take pride in is his professionalism and work ethic. He explained how him and his team practice and even run while reciting lyrics to make his performances and overall appeal more polished and refined. 

“Daily Bread” is the name of his mixtape and he wanted it to be seen as soul food to help people deal with the troubled times of today. 

“Seven days without bread makes one weak,” Scotty jokingly preached. 

The songs are all titled after days so that people can match a song to the day of the week that would fit the vibe of that particular day. 

One of his songs that DJ WildChild DNA points out is “Black Man,” which is a conscious single he does with David Banner talking about the struggles in America. 

Stay tuned and keep up with Scotty ATL as he makes his way with timeless music for our generation to enjoy. 

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