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66RAW has had a busy 1st quarter of events. In this quick recap The 66 RAW Team covers various events featuring Some incredible and legendary hip hop talent. Events covered include the Baltimore JDilla Tribute Plus live performances from Billy Lyve, Skarr Akbar, Pharoahe Monch , Onyx's Fredro Star & Sticky Fingaz and more!
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Iconic MC Ras Kass blessed us with his time to do an exclusive with DJ DNA at Patchwerk Studios. Ras Kass is one of the first lyricist of the westcoast. In this interview he talks about his early days rapping and the people that came up with him. His passion for music has kept his legacy alive.

"I guess you gotta be a fan first. You know if i didn't love this shit, and if I wasn't encouraged or motivated by the people before me who that made dope music, then I wouldn't have a starting point."

Ras Kass talked about new artists and how he feels about them. He also talked about what he prefers them to do as far as their music goes. He made sure to talk about rhetorical music and lyrics that new artist today create.

"If i gave you my time to listen to ten songs on your project and all you did was repeat the same thing, come on bruh," he exclaimed. 

Ras Kass explains it all check out this dope exclusive. You might even learn some things.....

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Twenty years ago today “gansta” rapper and West Coast emcee Ras Kass released his debut album “Soul On Ice” on Patchwerk/Priority Records label. The two smashes that made it to the charts were "Anything Goes" and "Soul on Ice." Fellow West Coast rapper Coolio makes the only guest appearance on the album on the song "Drama." The album's title is a reference to Black Panther member Eldridge Cleaver's 1968 book Soul On Ice.

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Album Producers: Bird ,Ras Kass, Battlecat, Vooodu, Michael "Flip" Barber, Michael Schlesinger, Reno Delajuan

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