On November 4th 2016 Rams Head Live was transformed into a time machine as raps dynamic duo Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith affectionately known as EPMD stepped on stage and transported over 300 heads back to 1988 with classic hip-hop joints spanning through two decades.  The team teleported the audience of fans who rapped along with every song that was spit from the entire “Business” theme era starting with the debut album Strictly Business into a time when hip-hop was GREAT! 

 The unmistakable, relaxed and monotone voices of E and P put concert goers into a two hour trance as they belted out lyrics from 1988’s “It’s My Thing” and “You Got’s To Chill.”  They beamed the crowed into their also classic sophomore album Unfinished Business from ’89 with “So Whatcha Sayin’ a track recognized by fans for being heavily riddled with samples by industry greats such as Luther Vandross, Honey Drippers and Funkadelic to name a few.

 Appearing to have stopped time and the aging process Erick and Parrish paraded across the stage, with youthfulness and the same bravado as they had in the 90’s when they were reigning supreme on the airwaves.  Through Business As Usual and Business Never Personal these two icons retained stamina and seemed to become even more energized by the crowds constant excitement and participation 

The love they received from the audience as they continued to transmit definitively dope lyrics was evident as it enveloped and motivated them to send the crowd careening into [1993-1997] a black hole [when they broke up for 4 years].  Fortunately it was only a worm hole and they came back strong pulling us by the ear and hitting us in the head with “Back in Business”.   The feeling of nostalgia was as thick as space matter and lingered as the two catapulted their passengers all the way to 2008 with tracks from their final [as of this writing] CD together, “We Mean Business”. 

 Rarely do fans get the opportunity to go back in time with a group who molded and shaped hip-hop and who had such a profound effect on music for over two generations let alone experience legends that have stayed humble and appreciative for the fans that have contributed to their success.  EPMD invited Baltimore hip-hop fans to take a trip down memory lane and it turned out to be more like a blast into a past time where many of us would prefer to stay. 

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