Damond Blue is going hard and keeps dropping new music and videos making it harder for new artists to catch up with him.

"Klitschko" is taking you through NYC while Damond Blue narrates his story.

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HIV and Aids Awareness at Boys & Girls Club Prevention

This past Saturday June 25th in Washington, DC  66 Raw Radio hosted a local basketball tournament at the Boys &Girls Club on Mississippi Avenue Southwest. The idea of this event was to gather inner city youth out to get tested and enlighten them about being aware of HIV and Aids along with promoting local talent with a huge basketball tournament  consisted of about 12 teams.

There was food being served such as hot dogs, burgers and beans.Music blasting from 66raw Radio booth. Playing many club bangers, hip hop classics and current hot tracks from many different artists. Tons of players were anxious to get on the court and show their moves and win a shinny trophy.

 Many people in the surrounding communities also came out to support. During the game we had 66raw's own Miss Morgan analyzing and broadcasting about the tournament updates such as who's winning and what the fans can expect to come later on.  Also she interviewed a few local artists who came out and supported the cause. 

Not only did 66 Raw Radio hosted the event but also brought a team along to compete. Although they came up short after the first round, they still gave a valid effort. 

12 teams battled head to head but only one team conquered, rose above all and won the golden trophy. Overall the event was a major success. Hundreds of teens and adults came out to support, got tested and enjoyed the festivities of the basketball tournament.

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On Saturday, Kanye West released the music video for “Famous,” a single on his latest album, The Life of Pablo, shocking the internet for a moment before snatching it back and making it a Tidal exclusive.

Don’t believe it, tryYoutube or click here and see for yourself. Luckily, 66Raw has an exclusive access pass, yeah you guessed it, a subscription to Tidal.

After watching the video for the first time, you might need a moment to take it all in. Want help? Look out the nearest window and be reminded that you don’t live in Hollywood; if you do then enjoy the fact that you basically live in a fantasy land.

So, what was the video about?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room; 12 people that all embody what it means to be famous laying in one oversized bed naked. Celebrities including: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, Amber Rose, Ray J, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Anna Wintour and George Bush.

It kind of looks like a sex party and the price of admission is fame and headlines. Most of the people appear to be mannequins, made in the likeness of these celebrities, but Kanye, Kim, and Caitlyn Jenner appear to be real. Not sure if that’s another message of the song or just a practical solution to complete the video, but everything else in the video seems deliberate.

Every moment in the video makes an artistic statement. Even the camera shots are lined up with the verses perfectly. If you think “ever” is an overstatement; go watch the video again. The idea itself is scandalous enough to warrant an investigation.

This video is brilliant for more reasons than it’s artistic imagery and skillful use of subliminal messaging. Mr. West combines his musical talent with strategic timing to place himself in history; again.

Vanity Fair reported that this “might be his most thought-provoking work yet,” and it might just be what the world needed to see to get everyone to understand that Kanye West just might be who he says he is.

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