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Chris Brown Released on $250K Bail After Allegations

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Tuesday August 30, Chris Brown was arrested and booked into jail but later released after posting $250,000 bail post after a female, Baylee Curran, called 911 and alleged that the singer pulled a gun on her.

The story broke early Monday morning as Police attempted to raid Chris Brown's home in Tarzana, CA and the clearly upset Brown, was initially uncooperative and posting angry Instagram posts in regards to the actions.

Of course, there are a gazillion of opinions floating around supporting or crucifying the singers actions. However, at 66 Raw we want to keep thing very objective where we can say that some things he shouldn't have done but then on the other hand when someone constantly fucks with you over and over, we know that eventually your patience and sanity is tried.

We are trying to digest this story in every way possible, so according to reports this woman, Baylee Curran, was an uninvited guest and she was asked to leave, we would think at this point it was illegal for her to be in the home of Chris Brown in the first place. She calls 911 but then already does interviews and appearances. 

According to further reports, Baylee Curran, actually has a very sketchy past in Hollywood that includes several things such as stealing purses from a Hotel and according to a co-worker she had a less than satisfactory work peformance history where she was known to misguide, manipulate and overexaggerate in addition she was stripped of a pageant crown.

It really appears that this woman is an attention and fame seeker. Nevertheless, the story for her to show up at Chris Brown's own home uninvited and was requested to leave should also stand for something. There have been several statements made that she would place herself around the singer in the past and it could be quite possible that she staged this whole incident or it could have happened but her actions may have provoked it which gave her an opportunity to expound on it.

After all, if someone is in your home without permission that would be short of "breaking and entering" or at least "trespassing". So why is the singer in jail for standing his ground in his own home? 

The woman wasn't shot nor are there any witnesses so far that coroborate what took place, it was also stated that Chris Brown was sleep during the incident.

We do agree that Breezy sometimes could use better judgement but at the same time we know that people can be complete assholes and ignorant, so for him to lash out from time to time is nothing surprising. But in this case, that whole incident reeks of bullshit.

Even if it happened, why was she at his house and didn't leave when asked? Maybe he didn't want to put his hands on her and thought that showing a gun may gave her motivation to take her shit and leave.

Anyways, good luck Chris Breezy - remember - "these hoes ain't loyal"

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