Anthony Douglas

Anthony Douglas

We had a talented young lady by the name of Ashely U come in today to show off her beautiful voice in a live performance and interview at 66Raw. Some questions got a little personal, like her sex life, how she got started in music, and how Beyonce helped her come out to her parents. Before she came in though we had a conversation about people bashing President Obama. Sit back relax and enjoy the episode!

Wrapping up the year with a recap of the most standout moments of 2016…according to Wikipedia lol Marcus, Lauren and guest speaker DJ Cory Banks, give their take on every moment that happened, from the rise of Lil Uzi Vert and Yachty, the death of Shawty Lo and The Game jumping into beef with Meek Mill. Let us know what you think of 2016, what did you think was one of the most memorable moments in Hip Hop for 2016??


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Marcus and Ant from the RawCast discuss the top 10 Rappers from 2016.

Personal opinions to the side, this is a list of rappers that we felt had the highest buzz and made the biggest impact on the culture this year alone.

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When you put two legends in the room for a freestyle battle you don’t get a MC battle you get a MC War. Check out these two legendary rappers as they battle head to head.  

In one corner you have the legendary Bone Crushers best known for his song “Never Scared” and his uncanny style of rapping. 

In the other corner you have another legend Pastor Troy who is best known for his album “We Ready (I Declare War) and his hardcore style of rap. 

In what might have been the best event of Hip Hop at the A3C festival we got to witness these two MC’s go head to head. 

At first it seemed like the two weren’t going to give us any serious bars or take any real shots but once they got a little warmed up and egged on by the crowd it wasn’t long before shots were fired and this battle turned into a war. 

Back to back bars from these two artists which showcased the fact that they haven’t lost any of the talent that makes them so revered by Hip Hop fans today. 

Word must have got out about this event because celebrities such as rapper and social activist Killer Mike were in the building as well as professional boxer Adrien Broner. 

No special accommodations were available for our celebrity guests but they seemed to enjoy hanging in the crowd and just enjoying the show like everybody else. So enjoy the head to head battle of these two legends and let us know who you think won? 

66Raw’s own WildChild DNA and Ms. Niko sat down with up and coming Mississippi producer Avevo to discuss working as an independent producer, current producers in the industry and Avevo’s first single entitled “Bag.”

Avevo is no stranger to 66Raw and in the interview he talked about his journey with the station as a long time supporter and how he is now proud to be a guest. 66Raw’s DJ DMatic and Ron tha DJ are close friends of his and have been a major part of his musical journey being DJ’s that have helped push his music. 

When asked about how he got into producing, Avevo explained that he got into music just like most producers by playing drums in the church. 

Avevo stressed that he wants to be able to produce independently because his music transcends through the multiple genres of Music. 

One of his role models he said is Zaytoven and he’s been following him since he first started. Zaytoven is his role model because he has a unique sound that no one can reproduce and Avevo sees himself as being able to one day produce the same type of quality for his clients.

Check out his first single “Bag” with artist Isiah Ben Ladin on 66RAW Radio and all major music outlets.

The RawCast sits down with up and coming Baltimore rapper A.U.T.O for an exclusive performance and interview. Topics discussed include where he got his name from, his future career plans, and some insight into the Baltimore open mic scene. This RawCast episode also includes a dope freestyle by A.U.T.O.

Scotty ATL stopped through 66Raw’s Atlanta radio broadcast at Patchwerk Studios to chop it up with Core DJ WildChild DNA and Ms. Niko for a candid interview to discuss his own record label Cool Club, his experiences working with Big K.R.I.T and B.O.B., and his new mixtape “Daily Bread.”

Scotty ATL started his own record label Cool Club in 2011 and from there started to release numerous Mixtapes that became popular in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Scotty ATL saw touring with Big K.R.I.T. and B.O.B as priceless learning experiences because he got to learn what it was like to be famous before actually getting there himself. This kind of gave him foresight into his own career and motivated him to take performing seriously. 

“One day I’m going be in this position; you know what I’m saying, where I’m going headline my own big tour like this and people going be showing love knowing all the songs like that,” Scotty explained. 

One of the main things that Scotty ATL seems to take pride in is his professionalism and work ethic. He explained how him and his team practice and even run while reciting lyrics to make his performances and overall appeal more polished and refined. 

“Daily Bread” is the name of his mixtape and he wanted it to be seen as soul food to help people deal with the troubled times of today. 

“Seven days without bread makes one weak,” Scotty jokingly preached. 

The songs are all titled after days so that people can match a song to the day of the week that would fit the vibe of that particular day. 

One of his songs that DJ WildChild DNA points out is “Black Man,” which is a conscious single he does with David Banner talking about the struggles in America. 

Stay tuned and keep up with Scotty ATL as he makes his way with timeless music for our generation to enjoy. 

The RawCast sits down with En La Calle Record's own Peso Da Mafia for an Exclusive interview and performance...Topics discussed include how to be bigger than just a local rapper, their music journey, and their new mixtape "What Matters Most" coming out Nov. 25th...

Check out the Podcast here

Brooklyn native Scott King is no rookie to the rap game and during our Atlanta broadcast at Patchwerk Studios DNA and Ms. Niko sat down for an exclusive interview where he discussed his hands on approach to his musical process, working with Drumma Boy, and all of the music he wants people to check out. 

Originally, Scott King went by the name Q Da Kid but in the interview he went in detail about how after losing his grandmother he wanted to take on the family name and just be himself especially since a lot of other artists have made it acceptable and common. 

“I feel like everybody’s going by their name like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole…It’s something to deal with them,” King said. 

Scott King sees himself as a one man band and prefers to do just about everything himself. In the interview he talks about the fact that he records and mixes his own music. Not to mention he films and edits his own videos which he explained allows him to move at his own pace without having to wait for anyone.   

Most of Scott King’s new music has been produced by the undeniably talented producer Drumma Boy who is known for working with the best artists in the music business like Jeezy and Young Dolph. Although Drumma Boy normally produces turn up music for his clients him and Scott King have created a relationship that balances the turn up and the soulful side of King’s music.

This fits Scott King’s style because his features range from songs with soulful singers like Angie Stone to hard core rapper’s like Red Cafe. 

Scott King focuses on keeping his music original and says that the way he does this is by staying away from a lot of the music that’s out right now so that he isn’t subconsciously influenced to make similar music.

Scott King is currently finishing his EP “For What It’s Worth” where he will continue making diverse lyrical music. Notable features include Musiq Soulchild, 2 Milli, and Red Cafe. Also the single “FTS” is available on iTunes and YouTube.

With the passion and effort Scott King puts in to his music he feels like once people hear it they will love it. 

“I just want people to sit down and really give it a chance like they giving a chance to everything else,” said Scott King.

AR-Ab, Philly’s Top Goon stopped through 66RAW Radio's Atlanta Broadcast to chop it up with DNA & Ms. Niko about the tension in Philly, his record deal with Cash Money, his new single “How I Do It” featuring Kevin Gates, and much more. 

Warning! In the interview he refers to his single as “Shooter with a Shooter” but it is officially named “How I Do It.”

When asked about the beef with Meek Mill, Ar-Ab quickly explained that they had already squashed that beef like men with a conversation between them but he continued to let us know that the beef among other artists in Philly was starting to get out of hand. 

“It’s a lot of tension in Philly somebody’s going get hurt,” stated Ar-Ab.

Ar-Ab even explained that before all the beef started that a lot of Philadelphia artists were starting to form a sort of Hip Hop coalition.  

“At that point we was trying to unite; everybody was talking to each other we was going unite and then that happened so that kind of put a damper on everything,” Ar-Ab explained. 

Admittedly, Ar-Ab did not know he was getting noticed as much as he was until after being mentioned by Drake and receiving a phone call from Baby of Cash Money. These two things appear to be what he feels solidified his place as a professional Hip Hop artist. 

Ar-Ab is with Cash Money Records and let us know that his situation with them is new but has been fluid since they started to work together and his single “How I Do It” is the record that Baby thinks is “the one.” 

Kevin Gates and Ar-Ab already knew each other before this record but it wasn’t until they met at the South by Southwest concert and festival that they started working on their single.

To everybody’s astonishment the infamous Ar-Ab wants to work with everybody and does not seem to garner any ill will to any other artists. 

“I want to work with everybody,” Ar-Ab jokingly said. “ Yeah, I’m a nice guy I want to work with everybody.”

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