Chance The Rapper and his Contribution to his Community !!!!

Raj_Cake Discussion started by Raj_Cake 1 year ago

Well Have you heard ???? Chance the rapper has donated 1 million dollars to help build a platform for Chicago public schools... He visited and spoke at a school called Westscott Elementary on the Southside of Chicago where he grew up. He spoke with Chicago's governor and stated how their conversation was unsuccessful. The governor promised their school system a certain amount of money to help the education and the funding of those schools in need. Those promises were not fulfilled. So, Chance The Rapper took a stance!!!!

Chance The Rapper used his funds from ticket sales to pay CPS to keep those schools open.  " this check is a call to action" Chance stated

Chance The Rapper is also donating 10,000 more to fund after school programs, and the education of the kids. Chance The Rapper did this whole event live from all of his social networks to inform everyone to get involved.