Raj_Cake Discussion started by Raj_Cake 1 year ago
As we all know Floyd Mayweather retired not too long ago from boxing. But recently a UFC fighter by the name of Conor McGregor stated how he would like to touch gloves with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. The two have been going back and forth for over a year now. They both have high ranking in their fields, but the big question is how are they going to make this happen. Conor and Floyd have been going back and forth making videos to exchanging words on social media.

         Everyone wants to know what is going to happen and who is going to win this battle. Conor McGregor has not yet retired or taken a break from UFC, so no one knows when exactly this fight will transpire. Mayweather seems like he is ready for this fight to get into action. While people are waiting for that "the wait is over"....

Do you believe they will ever fight or just continue to exchange words amongst each other???