Empire A&R Meeting with 66 Raw

Slyyyy Fox is an up & coming lyricist, rapper and emcee out of Atlanta, GA. She entered the 66 Raw competition hosted by Hip Hop Weekly and had industry judges Big Block of Block Ent, Maybach Music, Delante Murphy, Head A&R for Empire Records and Fleet DJ owner.

She didn’t win the competition, however, her raw talent and skill caught the attention of Delante Murphy, head A&R of Empire Records and 66 Raw brought her to an A&R meeting.

A&R meetings are the initial meetings to discuss background, current plans, accomplishments and future goals. Also to go over music, image, branding, etc. and learn about the potentials of a possible deal or progression of projects. Usually, the input is there to formulate a plan to gain interest for a label or entity to make investments or even a record deal.

The feedback is vital for artists to understand where they stack up in the game from a label perspective and keep in mind that these meetings are selective and are not available for every artist. These meetings are only requested if there is some interest or some attention that has been garnered. So artists do not think that you can just hit up a label for an A&R meeting.

If You Don't Invest In Yourself, Why Would You Even Think That Anyone Else Would?

Close Your Eyes & Smile

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Think Beautiful

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