Super-producer Cash Clay Beats has stamped his imprint on the music scene producing for superstars since 2003.

His production has helped create hits for artists such as Migos, Travis Scott, Young Thug, K Camp, Rick Ross, Boosie Baddazz, Yung Joc, T pain, Money Man, R Kelly, 21 Savage among many others. After moving to Atlanta from St. Louis, he adopted an “ATL” sound which has poured the foundation for his career. “I’m most comfortable with rap music but my R&B records are epic. I have a big sound, it’s hard to put me in one category. It’s very edgy, aggressive but at times it's calm and soothing. I like to play on people's emotions.” He explains. Cash Clay knows what truly drives him is his genuine love for creating music and the desire to leave something for his kids/family to enjoy long after his days are gone.

2017 has been the most successful year of his music career so far with numerous placements and paid appearances coming in daily. Cash Clay Beats has five songs on YouTube with over 1 million views and a placement on the Migos Grammy-nominated album “Culture” which went platinum. He is also scheduled to appear on “Culture 2”. His single for K Camp “Racks Like This” is currently receiving national radio play and he’s being sought after by multiple labels. He was recently asked to discuss his experiences in “Welcome to the Industry” the “Turnt” documentary directed by@Mann_Are scheduled to be released in early 2018.There is so much more to come from this talented producer. Cash Clay Beats continues to expand his musical palette and cross-cultural lines. Fans and music lovers alike can see and hear more by visiting www.cashclaybeats.comand following him on social media @CashClayBeats.

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J'Rell A name can make or break an artist in the oversaturated music industry.

An artist name is often the difference between getting a shot or being dismissed as whack off the top. In today’s music industry it’s a rear discovery to find a recording artist who truly epitomizes the word "MUSIC", but in artist/producer J'Rell that’s exactly what you will find in him. Jerell Anthony Moore, born November 18th,1986 of New Haven ,CT started his musical journey at a young age. Inheriting his musical talents from his family, J’Rell started playing the piano and drums at the age 6, and later at age 12 started playing the organ at his Grandfather’s church.

Becoming the youth musician at the age 13, J’Rell learned the discipline of musicianship . This landed J’Rell a opportunity to perform in front of a crowd of 20,000 at the Madison Square Garden for the McDonalds Gospel Fest . He started recording in the year 2000 performing his first single “ Make Love.” He quickly became recognized as a heavyweight in the art of performance doing open mics and beginnings to headline shows in the northeast region. In the Year 2004, J’Rell wrote and produced on his mother Jennifer Johnson freshmen cd "Journals Of a Worshipper " alongside world renown guitarist Jonathan Dubose Jr. Moving to Atlanta, GA to start his career he teams up with his god brother Cam to form the group Next2U under the label Reigncheck Entertainment.

The group grew a very close relationship with Hot 107.9 radio personality J-Nicks whom promoted the group under his label Proof Entertainment.,“ these guys are official showcase killers” says J-nicks. J’Rell has also Performed on Hit HipHop Television Show “106 & Park,” on B.E.T." J’Rell remninds me alot of the Dream , yes he really does" states Rosci and Terrence J of 106 & Park .J'Rell had written and vocal arranged every song recorded by the former group Next2U, songs like “ The Baddest , All Over You, Dip It Low, Enter My Room “ just to name a few which put him in a position as a leader in the duo. Also wrote songs for producers such as Justice League(She Got It 2Pistols/T-pain, Maybach Music Rick Ross , Bury Me A G Young Jeezy, Livin The Life Prime), Dj Montay (Walk it Out Dj Unk) , CoolRuck, MecoTheGreat (Buy You A Round Verse Simmonds) , Blaq Smurph (4 Letter Word Raheem Devaughn), Joel Marquee ( Socks And Slippers ).

J’Rell performed alongside Da Fam ShoNuff Records, Cash Camp Sony BMG, Dg Yola Da Great Asylum Records, Young Capone So-So Def . Which puts him on a pedestal that he can hang with the heavy weights of the game, “ I just feel the beat and let it ride. A great man told me once that my gift will make room for me and place me in front of great men. I‘m just realizing that at that moment my gift had place me in front of one and I didn‘t even know it, that man’s name is Tyler Perry lol ,” says J’Rell. In 2010 J’Rell is moving forward in his career as a solo an artist and plans to make a major impact in the industry. His newest single “Golden gloves Champion” Is expected to move through the southern eastern region very fast with an infectious hook that the industry heads call an UNDENIABLE RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Make way for da kid… He’s COMING OUT SWINGING….. DING DING DING

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Kirkwood, Atlanta is where 550 Madoff calls his home and he has one of the hottest singles buzzing in the streets of Atlanta featuring the Trap God no other than Future called "Lights".

550 Madoff stopped by 66 Raw to chop it up with DJ Cotton and Ms. Kat giving us the scoop on his project and dropping off some exclusive and unreleased tracks one with Kevin Gates.

Make sure you get familiar with 550 Madoff, Atlanta is on fire and keeps creating future superstars and you only hear it on 66 Raw first!

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Kiara Simone stops by 66RAW Radio to chop it up w/ DNA.  She speaks about her buffalo wing preferences, working with the Game, her New Edition Film cameo, working with Zaytoven, moving from VA to Cali and much more!

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One thing we can say is that music is definitely making a comeback and at 66 Raw we have had a plethra of new and coming artists that were not one thing short in talent and swag.

We can also say that Marissa is a giant sleeping and is about to be woken. She has a voice, she has the look, she is hot and sexy and she has personality for days! We don't like to use the word "new" because she has been working her ass off and has a fanbase, she may be new to many but at the same time she has been singing to many.

A songstress, who uses her music to tell stories of her experiences and she tells them well.

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Patchwerk Recording Studios has been the staple of the music industry for over 21 years strong especially in Urban music, instrumental during the 90's by providing a foundation for Atlanta's music industry.

It has served countless artists who are dominating the music charts internationally but also artists that are just starting out. Patchwerk has a vault of hundreds of gold and platinum plaques from the quality work the studio has provided to give these artist that super star sound.

Curtis Daniel, III who has been the mastermind behind the operation and growth sat down with Wildchild DNA & Ms. Niko and broke down a lot of knowledge about the music business and how the success of Patchwerk came about.

The Patchwerk Recording Studios is renown for their grammy nominated engineers, state-of-the-art recording facility where you can record, mix and master your music as well as get administrative label services that is required for the music business. Curtis is speaking about a lot of topics that touch from finding talent, business, and how the industry has changed.

Patchwerk Recordings Studios History:

Patchwerk Recordings was born out of Patchwerk founder and former CEO/ 13 year Atlanta Falcons Offensive Tackle Bob Whitfield's love of music.  After financing studio time to record a demo for a high school friend and aspiring rapper Ras Kass, Bob began to realize the magnitude of Ras' talents and the potential to build a business around this burgeoning genre of music.  He soon enlisted the help of college friend and entrepreneur BJ Kerr.  Operations began in 1994 with the release of Ras' now classic first single "Remain Anonymous".  The success of that single led to Patchwerk partnering with Priority Records in 1995 and the release of Ras' album Soul On Ice.

In mid 1995 Patchwerk expanded on their ambitions by opening a full service recording studio in Midtown Atlanta.  The comfortable 3000 sq foot facility instantly gained a foothold in the market by attracting top producers from Atlanta's hottest camps including Organized Noize, SoSo Def, LaFace, Hitco and Noontime.  In fact, on a Billboard Hot R&B singles chart at the time, 25 of the top 100 singles were recorded or mixed at Patchwerk Recording Studios.  The studio featured a fully automated Otari Concept One console and 48-track 2" recording capabilities; and was home to four of the most sought after engineers in the south.  Bob explains, "The studio is a tremendous asset in helping us achieve our mission of consistently discovering and developing the most refreshing and innovative producers, writers, and artists available.

It is a very lucrative investment as well.  Over the first 10 years, Patchwerk earned quite a reputation, recording over 60 gold and platinum records.  In the summer of 1999, Patchwerk built on the success by moving to its current 10,000 sq foot building that feature 2 totally isolated recording studios.  The main room is the only one of its kind as it features the only SSL J 9000 console in Georgia.  Futhermore, Studio 9000 features 3 isolated recording booths, a dedicated drum room, spacious lounge, and a kitchen.  Upscale amenities such as private lounges, gourmet cooks, and a runner service are also available ensuring that Patchwerk continues to exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients.  Studio COO Curtis Daniel states, "Our clients already love our warm, rich sound and with our unparalleled customer service we will soon reach our goal of establishing Patchwerk as the premier studio of the south".

Curtis also has long-term visions and is very excited about the future... "We are now in the growth stage of our business.  The studio has done tremendously well for us and we are expanding on that.  We have built substantial relationships with key players, built up our brand and laid a solid foundation.  We're entering new genres of music working with such artists as Young Jeezy, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sting, Annie Lennox, Ludacris, DTP, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, The Neptunes and labels such as Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Columbia and Island Def Jam.

With an impressive roster of established and emerging acts displaying exceptional depth and diversity of music in the fully equipped studios, Patchwerk Recordings is set to

Published in Interviews exclusive!! Check out the new "unplugged" music video for "Blue" Directed & Shot By Skarr Akbar off of Damond Blue's latest project "Dream Bigger." Available now on itunes now here

For more content follow at or


About Damond Blue

Damond Blue grew up on Baltimore, MD’s Eastside where he, like many youth, were exposed to the street life. After witnessing the death of a close friend, Blue decided that lifestyle was no longer for him and began to take his God given talent seriously. “I want a person to hear me on a song and automatically know it’s me after a matter of seconds.

Nowadays everyone sounds the same and no one is unique anymore; I feel like I fill that void” Blue states. When it’s all said and done some people are good at rapping and a select few were born to be great artists.

Damond Blue definitely falls in the latter group and will eventually be remembered as one of the best to do it!!! Stay tuned!!! #BLESSONZ


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"Birthday Bitch" is totally buzzing in the clubs right now like everyone has a birthday, Def Jam Recordings most recent addition "Trap Beckham" stopped by 66 Raw Radio Studios in Baltimore / Washington D.C. to kick with CoreDJ and 66 Raw's own Wildchild DNA. He discusses his success, deal and all the moves going on in his life right now.


More about Trap Beckham:

Trap Beckham makes things happen. As an independent act in Jacksonville, Florida, he released the hit singles “Top Of The Line” and “Ohh She Thick,” won a handful of awards, became a fixture on the local college scene and toured extensively. No wonder he earned the nickname “The Golden Boy Of The Hood.” Everything Trap Beckham touched became a movement.

With his buzz building thanks to his relentless work ethic and a steady stream of high quality material, industry powerhouse Def Jam Recordings is set to make Trap Beckham its next superstar and the first rapper from Jacksonville to break through nationally. “It meant a lot to me, for my city, for my family,” the rapper says of signing to the iconic imprint. “People from here don’t see that type of stuff. When we went out to LA for the first time, we were glassy-eyed ourselves, like ‘Look at all this stuff. Look at all these foreigns, these mansions, all this money. This is crazy.’ It’s just real big that somebody can do it verses nobody doing it.”

Def Jam was blown away by the buzz of Trap Beckham’s “Bday Chick” single, which has become a regional smash in the southeastern part of the United States. Its skeletal beat, energetic instrumentation and memorable chorus make it ripe for blockbuster success and Trap Beckham and his team are preparing to take the radio- and club-ready track national.

“We’re from the South, so that type of tempo is the ideal type of tempo for a twerk song,” Trap Beckham explains. “That’s what I was going for, so I already had my tempo down. I came up with it rapping to myself in the club. I went home, made the beat and three weeks later dropped the whole thing.”

“We already understand the art of pushing a record,” he adds. “I want to make it legendary. You’ve got to push it forever to make it legendary.”

Trap Beckham’s legend started growing exponentially in 2012. That’s when he released his smash self-produced single “Top Of The Line” featuring Young Cash. Trap Beckham kicked his verse off by paying homage to Yo Gotti’s “5 Star Chick” single, giving listeners a way to instantly gravitate toward the song. The cut’s hardcore production and smooth sonic accents made it the type of tune that endeared itself to male and female listeners. Trap Beckham says there’s a certain magic to his music when he makes his own tracks.

“For some reason, those are the ones that stick out,” he reveals. “I could record 30 songs with people, but when I start the beat and I let someone else finish it, they end up crazy. It’s kind of automatic once I get in the studio, especially if the vibe is right.”

“Top Of The Line” is featured on Trap Beckham’s 7.14.12 The Mixtape, the third in a series of mixtapes he releases on his birthday, July 14. The project, which also included the percolating cut “She Thick,” made Trap Beckham a local celebrity, one whose music meant something special to his native Jacksonville. “It’s like we created a whole holiday in the city,” he says. Indeed, Trap Beckham’s birthdays are now annual events that include the release of a new 7.14 mixtape and a series of celebrations surrounding his birthday.

It’s an excitement that’s possible thanks to the work Trap Beckham and his Backdoor Music team (DJ Pretty Ricky and Grand Prix) put in at HBCUs, as well as the region’s high schools. He performed there at every opportunity, developing a legion of loyal fans who follow him religiously.

Now a seasoned performer, the rapper-producer-entertainer born Travis Cave got an early start in music. He spent much of his childhood around his cousins, who acted like they were a superstar rap group. By the time he was 8, Trap Beckham was following their lead and had already begun writing lyrics. At 12, he was recording himself. His goal at the time was simple. “I just wanted to be on the radio,” he recalls.

Growing up listening to, being inspired by and admiring two of the most successful artists in music – T-Pain and Kanye West – helped shape Trap Beckham’s music ear and his professional outlook. He was blown away by the simple yet hard approach T-Pain took on his Epiphany album, his favorite project of all time. Kanye West, on the other hand, inspired Trap Beckham by rapping and doing his own beats.

“Kanye is just raw,” he says of his new labelmate. “He makes his own beats and raps on them. That’s fire. He’s got his own shoes. That’s fire. I’ve got a pair. He just sets the bar every time.”

Trap Beckham has been doing the same thing in his own way. In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, he won Artist, Song, Mixtape and Performer of the year at the Duval Diamond Awards, which celebrate the best talent in the area. The accolades mark part of his growth from a shy kid to one who is on the brink of national stardom.

“I used to doubt myself all the time,” he says. “But it is what it is. We’re the movement. I used to be way more nervous as a person. People are people no matter where you go, where they are. I just had to start looking at stuff differently.”

Once Trap Beckham changed his perspective, his world opened up. He now boasts a bevy of hit singles, the love of his home region and a freshly inked recording contract with Def Jam. With “Bday Chick” gaining popularity by the day and his debut studio album in the works, Trap Beckham is poised for national prominence.

“My goal is to take it as far as I can take it,” he says. “I’m going for more awards, more hits on the radio. My goal is to stay consistent. I want to be in the game for a long-ass time. I want to be one of those artists that didn’t really have to do anything but drop those hits.”

He’s well on his way.

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