Hip Hop / Song Writer Born In Louisiana. Also lived in Houston Texas with his Father for a few summers after his parents split. He grew up listening to hip hop and it become part of his nature. He's inspirations where 2Pac Pimp C, Big Sean and Meek Mill. Nation Dropped out of school in the 10th grade. When he turned twenty one years old he went to Federal Prison for Distribution of Cocaine and was given a five year sentence first offence. From that day forward Nation was determined to educate he's mind and research his history. After release date he traveled outside of the U.S.A. Now very determined on his quest Nation is bringing a unique style to Hip Hop that the whole world can relate too. He says he's music will touch the hearts of his people.

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How Do You Benefit?

66 Raw has millions of listeners worldwide who tune in to hear the lastest, best, exclusive and up & coming talent BUT at their leisure and convenience.

Our listeners trust our programming and mixes to keep them in tune with all of their favorite artists and the absolute best way to play your unheard music is to blend it into their daily routine without the pressure of being forced. If they like they will like it and request it.

66 Raw is a BDS (Broadcast Data Systems) monitored station and we are also a Billboard Chart reporter.

How does this matter and why should you care as an independent artist?

BDS monitors only the most popular stations in the US, which includes the Hot 97 NYC, Power 105 NYC, The Beat LA, etc. BDS tracks all music played by the minute, and it aggregates the data into reports which it supplies to the major radio stations and record labels such as the Universal's, Interscope's, Warner, etc. who analyze all of the music being played to track their artists radio play, to keep up to date with who plays what, what, when and how much.

If you are an independent artist and you are starting to make a buzz in specific markets, labels and radio stations will take notice, radio stations are in the business of playing the most popular music and do not want to be last on the trigger, record labels see independent artist that have a buzz as a business opportunity. So the more radio play you can garner, the more attention you will earn as BDS is your credit report in the entertainment business.

66 Raw's Indie Shine affords you the opportunity to introduce your music to millions of listeners in a way that is not intrusive to them, build your buzz and at the same time earn your credit with the radio stations and record labels to build a bigger reach. But also understand that consistentcy and repetition is key in building a demand.

Click here to validate our monitoring status

Why Do I Have To Pay?

You are in no way required to participate in our Indie Shine program. You can submit your music the standard way, however, we do have requirements to consider your music for airplay just as any other mainstream radio station. We do not play records that are not professionally recorded, mixed and mastered or meet our sound quality criteria. Also artist must have a following which our research team will follow up on. If you do not have a significant following it resonantes that you are not actively and/or seriously working your music and talent. We also require standard protocol in submissions of music and do not submit more than one time, duplicate submissions will be deleted. 

We like to believe that you are an artist because you are following your dream of bringing your talent to the world, but the harsh reality is -- it doesn't happen by chance, luck or on its own -- It requires work, commitment, dedication and investment, just like any other business.

There are millions of artists, just like you, pursuing the exact same thing, so the question is -- How are you going to stand out?  

You have to earn your respect as an artist. In today's world, people are being bombarded with countless of songs, mixtapes, mp3's, artists posting unsolicited requests for whoever to listen to their demo or music on random social media accounts only does the opposite because no one wants to be solicited or pestered. Contrary to believe, there is such a thing as BAD promotions and publicity especially when you are haven't even made a name for yourself.

We have dedicated the Indie Shine segment specifically for new & aspiring artists to introduce their music to the masses and our programming allows them to build a buzz strategically if they are are really serious. Being an artist is also being a business unless you are only looking to perform for your friends and family.

The music business is not a free ride or get rich quick scheme. It is a business just as Apple, Nike, etc and if you are looking to become the next superstar making millions, you have to invest in your business. It is not our job. 66 Raw's job is to work with artist that are truly commited to their craft and provide opportunities similar to a partnership.

66 Raw invests consistently in infrastructure, technology, marketing, promotions and resources to provide our services, broadcast and our companies growth for our fanbase and so that we can keep playing music for the masses. So, unless you are an artist in high demand that can attract listeners to our station like a Rick Ross, Jay-Z, etc. we are incurring an expense which we offset for this program. However, the cost is only a fraction what it would cost if you would launch a regional or national campaign which can go anywhere from $15,000 - $100,000+

If you are serious about your music career, this is where you start, so don't wait because time is not on your side!  

Start Your Campaign Today!

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Do you want to "Stand Out" of the crowd and provide your own custom videos, that have been created specific to your brand, image, look and feel?

Are you stuck with the same free DIY tools just like the rest of the population doing the same things therefore just becoming one of the millions? Do your videos look like they have been edited with the same free apps that make it look like everyone else and using the same 10 templates, filters and your result pretty stays the same because your audience feels like you are giving them the same ole like the other gazillion of social media users?

66 Raw's video team can provide you with your own custom videos that are tailored to you!

What does custom tailored mean?

  • We review your footage and professionally put a story line to it.
  • You will get enhancement of your image quality such as color enhancement, sharpening of images, etc where it is needed not just applying a filter to your entire clip.
  • Professional transitions and effects such as custom lower thirds, titles scene transitions just like the movies.
  • Professional audio manipulation
  • Custom size it for Instagram, Facebook and social media outlets in its required formats and lengths

I you are in our service areas, we can also shoot the video for you

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The Entertainment Business Has Changed!

Record sales have decreased tremendously! Artists sell almost 70% LESS than they did 10 years ago!

Consumers Buy When They See Value - Less Value, Less Demand!

album sales

Source: Nielsen Soundscan

Too Much Bad Product!

Technology has made the music business too accessible for people and caused an overstaturation. The quality of talent dropped and people get bombarded with inferior products therefore no longer "respect" your music they way they used to!

bad product cd

Upgrade Your Brand Now 


The Entertainment Business Is A Professional Business!

People think that the music business is a "Get Rich Fast Scheme", "Hustle", and / or a "Flight by Night" endeavor where they can become famous or rich by not putting in any effort and money. FALSE!

There are MILLIONS of Artists trying to make it - The Billboard Charts ONLY counts to 200 and a lot of times big artists have multiple records within these charts.

Record companies are no different than Nike, Apple, or Mercedes who have specific protocols, business requirements and procedures in how they conduct their organizations in order for them to even consider you, you have to be able to bring a working business model to the table! A bank doesn't just give business loans, you have to have good credit, assets and a working business model to prove to them that you can pay the money back. 

Start Your Pro Level


Create A Quality Brand & Product - Give Your Fans Value!

66 Raw has been an established entertainment brand for over 15 years with it first launch on the XM Satellite Platform. 66 Raw has been intregal and vital to many of today's artists career from breaking them into the mainstream or discovering them and guiding them to success via our broad entertainment network.

We have worked with hundreds of artists, all the major record labels, countless of indie labels and production companies. We have seen more than thousands try and fail because they lacked to understand what a quality product and brand is.

Every single major company and brand invest millions of dollars not just in their product but in their packaging, marketing materials, advertising and promotions. Buying an Apple product comes in a glamourous box and bag to follow as do all the other major brands and products. They all invest heavily in their overall look, you will never see these companies skimp on the design of a flyer, bag, promo material because they understand the value of their product and brand! People buy these products religiously! You MUST think the same way or you are just wasting your time!



Upgrade Your Music Career

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Aspiring artist want to reach the next level of success and notoriety but many lack the knowledge of the music and radio industry. We here at 66RAW like to empower independent artist to achieve their goals of reaching that next level.

Many artist want their records played on the air at radio stations in their markets but can’t figure out or understand why this Hot record that they have created, that is killing the streets and the clubs in their area isn’t seeing the light of day at Radio…

well the 1st thing that artist need to ask themselves is this… Is Your Record BDS Registered and Monitored?

What is BDS???

BDS is the Neilsen Broadcast Data Systems, a service that tracks monitored radio, television and internet airplay of songs based on the number of spins and detections. The service, which is a subsidiary of Nielsen Corporation provides the basis for Nielsen Media publication Billboard in the United States, while in Canada, BDS helps determine the Canadian BDS Airplay Chart and the Canadian Hot 100 chart, which is published by Jam! and in the website for Canadian Music Network, in determining their radio airplay music charts and determines the chart movement in Billboard's Hot 100 chart when combined with single sales from Nielsen SoundScan for over 20 formats.

Using a patented digital pattern recognition technology, Nielsen BDS captures in excess of 100 million song detections annually on more than 1,600 radio stations in over 140 U.S. markets (including Puerto Rico), 30 Canadian markets and the 3 major markets in Mexico. Nielsen BDS also uses the service to track monitored airplay at satellite radio (Sirius XM), internet services (66RAW, Yahoo! and AOL) and audio networks (like Dial Global, Music Choice and Radio Disney), as well as on TV (12 U.S. music video channels and 9 Canadian video channels).

Since its 1992 debut, BDS has become the standard for the radio and music industry because of its accuracy of detecting, tracking and monitoring songs. The method has also helped tracks that only received airplay (songs that are not released as singles) become major hits, especially in Billboard's Hot 100 chart, where several radio-only tracks have reached the top spot.

They ask why is this important to them as a new artist???

Think about the first time you heard artist like Young M.A., Fetty Wap. Future, Drake or J. Cole on the Radio… Maybe you didn’t know who they were at the time. Well that’s because those artist were no different from you starting from a ground up level through mixtapes, internet popularity, youtube hits etc., however the one thing they had to do before those Radio stations even considered playing their records was to have their songs registered and monitored by BDS.

Many artists ask is 66RAW a DRT Station because I’m registered with DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) how is that different from BDS? Well yes, we are also monitored by DRT but what the key difference is ... Let's separate the Big Dawgs from the Chihuahuas and with that being said simply put although DRT is cool for personal records and some bragging rights …DRT doesn’t count towards the Billboard charts and those are the charts that matter when it comes to making you bigger than just the internet!

What is DRT???

Digital Radio Tracker, also known as DRT, is a radio airplay broadcast monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ online radio stations.

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