Super-producer Cash Clay Beats has stamped his imprint on the music scene producing for superstars since 2003.

His production has helped create hits for artists such as Migos, Travis Scott, Young Thug, K Camp, Rick Ross, Boosie Baddazz, Yung Joc, T pain, Money Man, R Kelly, 21 Savage among many others. After moving to Atlanta from St. Louis, he adopted an “ATL” sound which has poured the foundation for his career. “I’m most comfortable with rap music but my R&B records are epic. I have a big sound, it’s hard to put me in one category. It’s very edgy, aggressive but at times it's calm and soothing. I like to play on people's emotions.” He explains. Cash Clay knows what truly drives him is his genuine love for creating music and the desire to leave something for his kids/family to enjoy long after his days are gone.

2017 has been the most successful year of his music career so far with numerous placements and paid appearances coming in daily. Cash Clay Beats has five songs on YouTube with over 1 million views and a placement on the Migos Grammy-nominated album “Culture” which went platinum. He is also scheduled to appear on “Culture 2”. His single for K Camp “Racks Like This” is currently receiving national radio play and he’s being sought after by multiple labels. He was recently asked to discuss his experiences in “Welcome to the Industry” the “Turnt” documentary directed by@Mann_Are scheduled to be released in early 2018.There is so much more to come from this talented producer. Cash Clay Beats continues to expand his musical palette and cross-cultural lines. Fans and music lovers alike can see and hear more by visiting www.cashclaybeats.comand following him on social media @CashClayBeats.

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66Raw’s own WildChild DNA and Ms. Niko sat down with up and coming Mississippi producer Avevo to discuss working as an independent producer, current producers in the industry and Avevo’s first single entitled “Bag.”

Avevo is no stranger to 66Raw and in the interview he talked about his journey with the station as a long time supporter and how he is now proud to be a guest. 66Raw’s DJ DMatic and Ron tha DJ are close friends of his and have been a major part of his musical journey being DJ’s that have helped push his music. 

When asked about how he got into producing, Avevo explained that he got into music just like most producers by playing drums in the church. 

Avevo stressed that he wants to be able to produce independently because his music transcends through the multiple genres of Music. 

One of his role models he said is Zaytoven and he’s been following him since he first started. Zaytoven is his role model because he has a unique sound that no one can reproduce and Avevo sees himself as being able to one day produce the same type of quality for his clients.

Check out his first single “Bag” with artist Isiah Ben Ladin on 66RAW Radio and all major music outlets.

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Happy Birthday DJ Marley Marl!

One of hip-hop's first (and finest) super producers turns 54 years old today. Marley Marl was an early innovator in the art of sampling, developing new techniques that resulted in some of the sharpest beats and hooks in rap's Golden Age. As the founder of Cold Chillin', Marl assembled a roster filled with some of the finest hip-hop talent in New York: MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shanté, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, and Masta Ace. His production work for those and many other artists generally boasted a bright, booming, and robust sound that -- along with his ear for a catchy sample -- helped move street-level hip-hop's sonic blueprint into more accessible territory. Most important, though, were his skills as a beatmaker; Marl was among the first to mine James Brown records for grooves and also learned how to craft his own drum loops through sampling, which decreased hip-hop's reliance on tinny-sounding drum machines and gave his '80s productions a fresh, modern flavor. (

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