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A Convo w/ Ras Kass: Soul On Ice 2 – His Career Thus Far & The Unchanging Nature of the Threat

Since the release of his 1996 debut Soul On Ice, Carson, CA rapper Ras Kass has remained one of the most underrated lyricists of all time. Weaving together complex rhyme schemes with straight forward and biting societal critiques, Ras’s style might not always be the most commercially viable, but his impact is undeniable. 23 years later, Ras has returned with a sequel that keeps the heart of his debut while also showing just how much the artist has progressed. The inspiration for the title of both albums comes from the 1968 memoir and collection of essays by famous Black Panther......

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A New 66 Raw!

Over the years 66 Raw has gone through many transformations from being the very first national broadcast, uncensored and uncut hip hop station on XM Satellite to going completely independent. 66 Raw started and was founded by Leo “The General” Pryor and Selena “Mz. Kitti” Jones on the XM Satellite platform until the acquisition from...

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