Over the years 66 Raw has gone through many transformations from being the very first national broadcast, uncensored and uncut hip hop station on XM Satellite to going completely independent.

66 Raw started and was founded by Leo “The General” Pryor and Selena “Mz. Kitti” Jones on the XM Satellite platform until the acquisition from Sirius Satellite took place and the XM channel which was 66 Raw had to make way for Shade 45 the channel on Sirius owned by rap mega star Eminem in 2009

Late 2009, Leo G. approached Daniel “Danny Blaq” Tran to partner and take the channel online. Danny Blaq’s strong involvement in the tech and entertainment industry alike, made the partnership a no brainer. In 2012, Danny Blaq became the sole owner and brought the brand under the now Digetects, LLC umbrella headquartered out of Los Angeles, CA. He enlisted Nate “Wildchild DNA” Anderson as VP of Music and Programming to oversee the music 

66 Raw now broadcasts and operates out Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; and Baltimore, MD. The goal and moniker “Music / Culture / Lifestyle” is to connect fans, consumers and enthusiasts to the heart of the entertainment by provide custom content in forms of exclusive interviews, DJ sets, performances, events and education.

In 2019, the 66 Raw brand realized the hip hop is no longer a niche market and is in today’s society pretty much pop culture that penetrated into all backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures. It has become mainstream and embraced by the masses with much more diversity and involvement. Due to this evolvement 66 Raw broadened its horizon from just a broadcast to an entire platform and portal.


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