Jaylyn White, professionally known as DJ J White, was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC with Carolina Blue running through his veins. As a child he played football, teaching him the valuable lesson that ”hard work not only makes you hard, but hard to beat.”

JWhite and his first pair of turntables were introduced in 2016 after meeting DJ Infinite, who is now his manager. For over a year, White never touched a table, only watching and taking note of his mentor DJ Infinite.
White has less than four years of DJing under his belt, but this self-taught DJ has headlined over 15 festivals, concerts and events across the south including: GSU Offical Homecomings, RedTent Music Festivals and Young Nudy Live keeping the attention of over 1,500 attendees.

After gaining the backing of his peers at Georgia Southern University and dedicating thousands of hours to his craft, White moved to Atlanta, GA with only the drive “to be the biggest DJ…ever.” Only four months into his leap of faith, White has spun at over 20 venues in the Atlanta area including: The Cigar Bar, V-Live and Odyssey Lounge.

J White’s work ethic and determination is unmatched. His routine involves spinning all night in clubs then honing his craft and creating new mixes all day. He knows what it takes to reach his dreams and he is unafraid to put in the work. The journey to be the biggest DJ in the world continues.



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