2x Grammy Award Winning Super Producer Drumma Boy’s Drum Squad.

If you are not familiar with “Drumma Boy Fresh” then it simply means that you been bumpin’ his music and know it only as super hit from your favorite artists.

The world knows how to “Dab” because Drumma Boy gave the Migos the sound for the “Bitch Dab” aka “Look At My Dab”, Young Jeezy and Kanye West “I Put On For My City”, and countless others for Rocko, Chris Brown, 2 Chains, and pretty much a lot of these hits out here on the radio today.

66 Raw had a special exclusive Drum Squad broadcast featuring all of Drumma Boy’s talent and artists including KOD (King on Demand), Scott King, Alexis Ayana, L.I. Tha Great.

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