My name is Westside Train A.K.A Deandra Norwood. I was born and raised in a projects called Perry Homes in Atlanta, Georgia. Rapping has always been a passion of mines. Some of my influences were; UGK, 2Pac, MJG, &Trick Daddy. Those were some of the greatest that ever did it in my eyes.

In 1998, I had my first record label by the name of Shonuff Records. The label consisted of; The Fam, Project Squad, and Myself. My first recording studio was in the basement of my house. The best singles off of our first project were; Peep Mine, Ghetto Glory, Finish Line, & Fam.

We enjoyed ourselves. Performing in different clubs were one of the perks. Trying to get our music out there was one of hell of a long promising ride, but everything was going our way that is until 2002. I got jammed up and was incarcerated for 3&1/2 years on RICO and carrying a concealed weapon while being a felon.

During my bid, I lost my record label due to not fully knowing and understanding the in’s and out’s of the music business, or at least enough to keep my record label going like I do now.

2005 my second label Goodfellas Ent. was established and still rocking. SALOOT was the first single of my cd’s Bankhead Muscle І and Bankhead Muscle ІІ which is out right now on just about every music streaming platform such as; Youtube, Spinrilla, Apple music, and Spotify.

Also keep your eyes and ears out for my new artists Cario & Menace Lifestyle. Were putting in a hell of a lot of work and well be coming at you sooner than you think so get prepared. Make sure you follow me on all my social media outlets such as; Instagram @: big_mobb, Twitter @WestsideTrain and Facebook @ Goodfella Train.

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