Director: Willie Styles
Produced by: Isom Stewart

Ms. Niko needs no introduction to music game especially in Atlanta. She is a triple+ threat as she not only raps, but sings, song writes AND of course has a personality which she brings to 66 Raw at every show but has garnered a huge following for her freestyle acting skits and comedy. Following the sultry R&B sounds of her, “2 Sides 2 Luv: Soft Side” EP, Ms. Niko is back to flex her hip hop skills with her new single, “Bet Dat”. A hard core, braggadocio of catchy lyrics and sexually driven female empowerment, the songwriter and ATL resident is holding back nothing with her current release. “Women obviously deal with double standards when it comes to our sexuality, so I’m just here to let ‘em all know it’s okay to be sexually assertive…even a little aggressive.” With musical tones that takes you back with the confidence of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, Ms. Niko is back to represent for the uninhibited female voice. She is putting the finishing touches on her on her upcoming, “2 Sides 2 Luv: Ruff Side” EP, soon to be released early 2019.

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