Atlanta native Salma Slims is a rapper, wife, daughter and turn-up queen all in one. As the first lady of Private Club Records (Madeintyo, 24Hrs), the “Don’t Act” rapper has been carving her own path when it comes to music, fashion, personality and female empowerment. With her upcoming debut, Runway Rapper, fans will finally be able to get to know real name Salma Conteh on a personal level, from her upbringing with Muslim parents to her love for fashion to her journey from rap group member to solo artist.

Creating music since she was 16, Salma is all about the fundamentals of hip-hop.

“I studied so many female rappers from Eve to Foxy to Da Brat … I fit into that,” she says. “Growing up being in a female rap group, doing cyphers and coming from that boom-bap, backpack hip-hop lane, hip-hop now needs to shift. Apart from social media, because there’s so many female rappers that have gone viral off of one thing (Worldstar or whatever the case is). Real lyrics, bars and content is where I fit in, coming into that.”

Source: LA Weekly

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